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"When's Ten Cents Worth More Than a Dime?"

As appeared in ISHN’s “FDO”

March 2001

Jeff Bezos from sent me 10 one-cent stamps in early January. The envelope screamed "OPEN ME! (Convenience Enclosed)"

Inside, it goes on to say,

"Dear Friend,

From the start, one of our primary goals at has been to make the lives of our customers easier. For over five years, this sensibility has guided our growth, site design, and the addition of new features and services.

But recently, it struck me that despite all of our hard work there are still many inconveniences we haven't yet addressed.

We can't wash your dishes.

We can't pick up your dry cleaning.

We can't change the little light bulb in your refrigerator.

We can't make your tuna salad just the way you like it.

Then I realized there was one thing we could do that we've never done before - spare you the hassle of an extra trip to the post office! First-class postal rates went up a penny to 34 cents on January 7, so enclosed you'll find ten 1-cent stamps - a necessity for using up your old 33-centers. Sure, we're only talking 10 cents in value, but hopefully the time you'll save will be worth much more.


Jeff Bezos"

Great! It couldn't have been more timely - I had a batch of 33 cent stamps on hand and ..... hey, someone was thinking - thinking ahead of my needs and did something about it! That dime - no, those ten 1-cent stamps got my attention and the pay off is great - hey, I'm telling you about it, aren't I? I've told "everybody" about it. Ten 1-cent stamps got a lot of mileage in value! Jeff Bezos got my business and he'll continue to get my business. What did you do today to stop and think then do something for someone else (either business or personal) that made their life safer, happier, easier, more fulfilling - etc., etc. - ?

Think about it.

George J. Hayward

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