'Definitions for Manufacturers' Representative, Agent and Broker'

U.S. Industrial Commerce uses the following definitions for manufacturers representative, agent and broker:

Manufacturers’ Representative:“An independent contractor, a natural person or legal entity, contracted, with continuing, but, very limited authority, if any, to obtain customers and/or orders for, and at times negotiate and conclude, the sale of goods or services for another legal entity, a company, or person(s), typically a manufacturer which is usually referred to as Principal. Typically, representing several, various, synergistic, non-competitive companies’ products or services.” (Such as a Manufacturers’ Representative in the industrial safety market, representing various synergistic, but, not competitive, manufacturers, or Principals.)

Agent: “A person or legal entity, formally authorized to negotiate and act on behalf of another”. Typically, representing only one company. (Such as a Purchasing Agent’s authority to purchase goods or services on behalf of his or her company.)

Broker: “An independent contractor or legal entity who acts as an intermediary between a buyer and a seller. Typically, representing several (possibly competitive) companies, products and services.” (Such as an insurance broker, representing several companies, handling various types of coverage).

Respectfully submitted by Mr. George J. Hayward
MANA Director, District 4
MANA Manager of International Development
IUCAB Vice President